KS1/2 Antarctica – Teachers in the Freezer

Four teachers show how humans survive in the Antarctic region This programme, designed for use in KS1/2 geography and science lessons, looks at how humans are able to live in Antarctica.

It begins by explaining where Antarctica is, what the climate is like and what it takes to live there. Visiting teachers from England take us through what clothes they wear, what food they eat and how they travel around. The second part of the programme looks at a project which tests what effect the cold has on the teachers’ bodies. The experiment is a good illustration of how a science project could be carried out. The programme relates to Unit 7 of the KS2 geography curriculum, Weather Around the World. It also covers geographical enquiry and skills elements of the KS2 geography curriculum. For science, it links in with Unit 4C: Keeping Warm, and with unit 3C(3): Choosing materials for a purpose.

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