KS1 Science – Ready to Learn

A lively lesson raising awareness of the need for a healthy diet At the Hills Lower School in Bedfordshire, Teacher Sarah Cottenden conducts a lesson to raise awareness of the constituents of a healthy diet for her Year 1 class, using resources linked to Ready to Learn? The Experiment.

After a lively aerobics session, the class starts off by creating a mind map on why we need food and water, and they discuss the role of fruit and vegetables in a healthy diet.

Then each child chooses their favourite fruit from the display of fruit and vegetables before them, and draws their selection on a sticky note. Their drawings form a pictogram – a tally chart which demonstrates the class’s favourite fruit. By the end of the lesson, the children understand that eating fruit and vegetables not only keep them healthy, they also help them to be ready to learn.

Former science teacher Matthew Tosh discusses some possible lesson alternatives, and explains why children can only take part in Ready to Learn? The Experiment in the morning.

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