KS1 RE – Exploring Values: Two Religious Tales

The theme of moral value is explored with two religious stories This classroom resource presents two colourful stories from different faiths with themes of universal values at the heart.

Firstly, the Buddhist tale of ‘The Brave Parrot’ features an act of great courage and selflessness. The second piece, ‘Ganesh and the Cat’, is a Hindu story which highlights the importance of respect for all living things. The tales are narrated through dramatic and stylised performances.

With personal introductions from representatives of each faith, children are invited to explore the qualities and values examined in each piece. The stories can be viewed and discussed separately or watched one after the other as part of KS1 RE lessons on values. Their message may be considered alongside moral tales from different religions, for example Christian parables, as a way of reinforcing the universality of certain values, as well as features unique to different religions (e.g. the names of gods and key figures).

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