KS1 RE – Exploring Parables: The Good Samaritan

A Christian worker helps to tell the story of The Good Samaritan When it comes to teaching parables or other faith stories with a moral message, non-specialist teachers are sometimes faced with a dilemma as to how much they can adapt the story for their audience, without being disrespectful, and how best to draw out the key messages. One way round this problem is to invite a faith visitor in to tell the parable, and this is what happens at Fairlop Primary School in Essex.

In this programme Christian worker Neil Poole works alongside reception teacher Jo Bailey to introduce her reception class to the parable of The Good Samaritan. Neil chooses quite a traditional version of the story, simplifying it for his young audience while keeping in key vocabulary. The masterstroke is engaging the pupils through participation, and Neil brings some costumes to help the actors feel the part. The dramatisation not only keeps the class focused but also helps them to recall the story in detail which is seen during a discussion exercise later in the programme.

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