KS1 Numeracy – Understanding Place Value

Parents react to a bold new method to teaching place value An accompaniment to the programme ‘Teaching Place Value’, ‘Understanding Place Value’ visits a parents’ briefing at Springfield School, Jersey, where the school’s revised system of teaching maths is discussed with parents.

This method of teaching KS1 children enables them to overcome some of the conceptual problems associated with learning about tens and hundreds by using a logical language, for example twenty one becomes ‘two ty one’.

The children are taking this logical language home and the programme investigates the parents’ reactions and shows their understanding of place value develop so they can apply the same logic at home.

Richard Dunne, maths consultant, uses the movement of paper cups between two tables to reinforce the logic of addition and subtraction. He also demonstrates how flashcards are used: on card printed with the numeral 40, the zero is hidden behind a card with the number 6 on it to fix the concept of 46 being four 10s and a six.

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