KS1 Literacy – Laying the Foundations 1

Preparing pupils for KS1 literacy Many children entering primary schools today appear less equipped to learn than they’ve ever been.

Teachers claim that there’s no time to sort out poor language and social skills at KS1 when SATS are looming. We ask how children could be better prepared for the challenges of Key Stage 1 literacy.

Galina Dolya arrived in the UK from Russia ten years ago to introduce techniques for developmental education based on the work of psychologist Lev Vygotsky. Children’s self-initiated play is considered one of the best ways to develop the skills underlying literacy and learning. Observe opportunities for child-initiated learning as well as short teacher-led group activities at a pre-school nursery.

In the first state school in England to follow Galina’s programme, the Foundation Stage coordinator applies a symbolic technique called Story Grammar with reception children. By Year 1, pupils who’ve benefited from these foundations seem ready for a more structured literacy hour.

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