KS1 Art – Indian Block Printing

A KS1 art lesson on Indian block printing In this programme Rita Gupta leads a session on Indian block printing with pupils at Easton Primary School in Bristol. Throughout the programme she explains to viewers how to carry out each stage of the session so that viewers can run the same lesson with their pupils.

Rita begins by showing pupils examples of traditional carved wood blocks. She shows them the kind of prints that can be produced, and shows examples of prints that have used too much, or too little, paint.

The pupils are each given polystyrene blocks that they will use as the basis for their prints. After drawing out a design on the surface of the block, they then use a pen or pencil to punch into the polystyrene following the lines of their design.

When the pupils apply paint to the surface of their blocks, the depressed lines will not carry any of the paint. This is how the print is made when they turn the block over and press it on to paper.

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