Keeping Up at KS2

A look at recent DCSF research into pupil progression A look at what recent DCSF research has revealed about those pupils who are at risk of not converting Level 2s in maths and English at the end of KS1 to Level 4s at the end of KS2. What do they think is holding them back and what can be done to help them keep up?

At Barham Primary School in west London around 1 in 3 pupils are at early stages of learning English as an additional language, with many children entering KS2 well below the national expectations and many of the pupil characteristics highlighted in the research were familiar to them. In a Year 3 maths lesson, children are encouraged to develop mathematical vocabulary and introduced to a variety of methods for adding number. Reliance on one method is gently discouraged. Focused marking in a Year 6 English class helps pupils work out what their next steps in writing should be.

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