Jude Kelly

Jude Kelly speaks to Estelle Morris about creativity in schools In conversation with Estelle Morris, Jude Kelly talks about the importance of creativity and the community in her own childhood. She accounts her drive and passion for creativity in our education system to the fact that if it had not been for creativity in her secondary school, her negative adolescent energy could have turned into something very bad for her. As a creative and analytical person Jude felt that for her, maths and science were not taught in an accessible way for a creative person and now advocates cross curricular teaching methods and mixing up the timetable where it would benefit the pupil.
Having just taken over the post of artistic director for the new South Bank Centre, Jude is running a haven for creative education whether it be for drama, hip hop, cookery or tax and accounts and is passionate about schools integrating into the civic buildings of the community in their learning day.
Looking to the future Jude is Chair of the Olympic Culture and Education Committee.

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