Jodie and Aiyshah (KS3)

What two KS3 pupils get up to at school This series takes cameras into the classroom to reveal what’s really going on, helping parents finally find out what their children do at school and why.

The programme follows 13 year-old Jodie and 12 year-old Aiyshah in Key Stage 3. Jodie struggles with concentration and her mum thinks she could do better. Aiyshah does well at school but her parents are worried that being called a ‘boffin’ will put her off.

For the first time, their parents get to see their children interacting with friends, talking to teachers, listening, reading and learning at school, giving them fresh insight and helping them to change the way they help and support their children at home.

Watching with the parents and helping them to understand what’s going on is educational psychologist, Adam Abdelnoor.

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