James Evelyn

See a Year 3/4 maths teacher take the CPD and pedagogy challenge Southwold Primary School in east London rates primary teacher James Evelyn as ‘good’. As part of our challenge we bring in top Inspector Clare Gillies to assess one of James’s Year 3/4 maths lessons. The Inspectors feedback after James’s lesson, on data handling, highlights some clear areas for improvement. Hes then off to the ‘clinic’ to get some one-to-one CPD from mathematics consultant Andrew Jeffrey on pedagogy and tips from our voice and communications coach Ulrike-Schulte Baukloh. In addition James gets input from an online community who have viewed a video of his first lesson. He then has just three weeks back in the classroom to put their advice into action before the Inspector returns to observe a second lesson and deliver her final verdict. Will James make the grade? Will he raise his game sufficiently to go from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’?

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