ITE – Planning a Cross-Curricular Lesson

A trainee teacher plans to integrate Spanish through PE Henry Frankel is a third-year trainee teacher at Edge Hill University in Lancashire, where all students are encouraged to include cross-curricular planning in their Professional Values and Practice module. Now on placement at Burscough Methodist Primary School, Henry is given the opportunity to put cross-curricular planning into practice. He has been asked to teach a Year 5 PE lesson, and he wants to use the Spanish he picked up during his gap year as the cross-curricular element of the lesson. We follow him as he meets with his Edge Hill tutor, Shirley Gaskell, and Burscough’s headteacher, Barbara Taylor, to plan how to deliver Spanish through PE, and the practicalities of putting these two subjects together.

We see Henry’s introductory Spanish lesson as well as the final PE lesson, and we hear his reflections on how it went.

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