A class visits the largest open-air museum in Britain Blists Hill, the largest open air museum in Britain, is an authentic recreation of a small Victorian town. A Year 5 class explores the town, talking with many of the demonstrator-inhabitants. After seeing a printer at work, the pupils participate in a hands-on workshop, type-setting and printing their own artwork. Dressed in Victorian costumes, they then experience school lessons as they would have been around 1900, when discipline was strict, teaching was inflexible and the class system rigorously enforced. Back in the modern school, their teacher talks about the trip and how she has integrated it into the term’s work.

Key Facts
There are 10 museums in the Ironbridge Gorge area, covering the period from the industrial revolution to the end of the Victorian era.

In addition to straight visits, there are many art, craft and technology workshop add-ons for schools to choose from.

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