Iraqi Teenagers Speak

Teenage Iraqi refugees talk of their hopes for the future There are many teenagers amongst the estimated one and a half million Iraqi refugees living in Syria. Often these young people are the only ones in their families who manage to get work in their new country – helping out in shops, on building sites or as cleaners. 16-year-old Seif talks about his life as the sole breadwinner in his family. He works in a café with three other teenage Iraqi boys. He works seventeen hours a day for the equivalent of £18 a week – money which he immediately hands over to his parents. Seif feels he now has little chance of training to be an engineer, his ambition when he was younger.
The programme also includes a discussion with a group of teenagers who do attend school. They talk about what it’s like to be living as refugees away from their home country and discuss how they feel about being put in classes with much younger Syrian children, their negative feelings about the American presence in Iraq, and their hopes for future.

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