Introducing a New Strategy

A new approach to effective marking at a college in Swindon This film is aimed at teachers and school leaders to help them introduce more effective marking and feedback in the classroom and beyond. Richard Blake, lead science teacher at St Joseph?s College in Swindon explains how he?s developed more effective marking strategy in his classroom for all year groups ? the clip features a year 7 group. Richard is taking on a strategy designed by assistant head teacher Ben Slater which is being rolled out across the school.
Teachers will find this clip gives practical tips on how to make marking relevant, immediate and timely, allowing them to pick up gaps in children?s knowledge quickly. At the same time it can reduce the burden of marking at home.
To date this strategy is used in English, Maths and Science at St Joseph?s but is to be rolled out across the curriculum. This is the first in a series of three films.

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