Internet Searches, PC Games, Keyboard Shortcuts

Nick Packard demonstrates how ICT can save teachers time Speed up finding what you want from the internet, spend less with free computer games, save time with keyboard shortcuts, and set homework on-line. ICT expert Nick Packard explains how.

Nick demonstrates how to perform an effective internet search, meaning less time spent clicking through pages of useless information to find what you need. He then illustrates how using free online games in the classroom can include and engage every child and give the pupil instant and continuous feedback, meaning less time spent doing one-on-ones. Nick also runs through a very quick and easy time saver that’s often overlooked, using computer keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, find out how using a Virtual Learning Environment to set a piece of homework can save time, as Matthew Nicholson, an ICT teacher at Macclesfield High School gives it a try.

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