Interlinked Learning at Frogwell Primary School

An imaginative approach to interlinked learning at primary level Travelling beyond the earth into deep space, exploring the ocean bed way beneath the waves: anything is possible at Frogwell Primary School in Wiltshire. The school uses an ‘interlinked learning’ approach, bringing together different curriculum areas under a general theme. This programme looks at two classes in detail to explore how interlinked learning works.

Every term classrooms are transformed into stimulating environments reflecting the term’s theme. In Carol Snowden’s Year 1 class the theme is ‘Under the Sea’. We see the children writing their own fishy poetry.

Year 3’s classroom is ‘Nasa Mission Control’, complete with space shuttle, rocket and space suits. For this term, the children will be linking all their learning to ‘Earth and Beyond’. In this lesson teacher Mandy Turner is covering the ‘Measuring and Applying’ element of the National Strategy for Mathematics by getting the children to make their own space suits.

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