In at the Deep End

Creating real businesses for valuable enterprise education A growing number of schools are running fully-fledged businesses within the building. Students staff one such enterprise at Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College in Bradford, where they run a commercially successful sub-aqua business, taking the roles of hands-on instructors in the water and hard-headed business people in the boardroom. Taking different roles in the business provides invaluable real world experience of marketing, accounting and logistics.The business grew after the popularity of a series of ‘try dive’ sessions in the school pool and now the students pull in valuable revenue by marketing similar sessions to local primary schools, parents and others.

Work experience can be so much more than making the tea or filing. Year 11 Ilkley Grammar School student Nik is given a real business challenge – to conceive, design and cost a consumer magazine during his period with a design company in Bradford.

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