Ignoring Disruptive Behaviour

Sue Cowley gives a Year 5 teacher behavioural and learning advice Behaviour guru Sue Cowley works with a KS2 teacher at Whitton Middle School, Worcestershire offering useful advice on maintaining the flow and dealing with distractions. Using cameras and microphones concealed in the classroom, Sue Cowley is able to observe and comment on a Year 5 lesson taught by Jenny Gunsten without actually being present in the classroom. Preserving the natural dynamic of the lesson, Sue provides support and coaching directly into Jenny’s ear through a concealed earpiece. Sue also provides a commentary on the lesson structure, pace and tone covering behaviour and learning issues. In this programme Jenny has requested some support from Sue to help her keep the flow of the lesson going. Sue provides practical advice on how to maintain focus on the learning and not be distracted by the disruptive behaviour of individual children.

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