How Teachers Can Be Better Mentors – Margaret Mentors Emma

An experienced teacher mentors a QTS student Student teachers enter the world of education with a range of backgrounds and experiences. Being paired with a good mentor makes all the difference to their chances of a rewarding placement and a successful career. This programme explores the role of teacher mentor through the relationship between Margaret, an experienced teacher who has been mentoring for four years, and Emma a second year student. Margaret thinks that mentoring develops your own CPD by making you more reflective about your own practice, it makes you realise you’re actually a skilful practitioner yourself. And it’s good to have the opportunity to observe and learn more about your own class while your student is leading the teaching. Emma has to fit her course work and teaching practice around her role as a Carer. She says Margaret has been very supportive and is aware of her home circumstances, which can be very demanding. This knowledge takes the pressure off and enables her to make the placement work.

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