How Teachers Can Be Better Mentors – Jude Mentors Christabel

Exploring the relationship between mentor and student teacher Student teachers enter the world of education with a range of backgrounds and experiences. Being paired with a good mentor makes all the difference to their chances of a rewarding placement. There is professional satisfaction in the pairing for the mentor too. This programme explores the role of teacher mentor through the relationship between Jude, who has been a teacher since 2003 and a mentor for four months, and Christobel, a mature student teacher in her first year of a flex mod course at the University of Cumbria. Christobel chose this course to fit in with her busy life as a married mother of two who also does 13 hours of teaching support each week. Jude has no problem mentoring someone older than herself as she is keen to pass on her own positive experiences of being mentored. She also believes that mentoring allows her to reflect on her own teaching methods which in turn can only benefit the children in her class.

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