Home Alone

How best to deal with a child living at home without supervision The latest episode of the hypothetical but realistic challenge for a set of governors considers the implications for a school when a child is discovered to be living at home without adult supervision.

Initially the panel of three governors must decide how best to advise the school staff after a Year 9 pupil’s behaviour at school causes concern.
The panel then discuss how best to react using the guidelines of the Every Child Matters agenda and working with a multi-agency approach. As well as living in the care of a teenage relative, the child later gets into trouble shoplifting. This is despite her academic performance improving and her giving the appearance of settling in well at school. The panel discuss how the school’s child protection policies should be implemented and how best to involve outside agencies like police and social services. As the panel wrestle with the dilemmas posed, Paul McGann a senior local authority education officer offers his advice on how to proceed.

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