HLTA at Work

A Higher Level Teaching Assistant talks about her role It’s still early days for those who have gained HLTA status, but how much is actually known about the day to day difference the status makes?

Whilst no school deploys their HLTAs in exactly the same way as another, ‘HLTA at work’ offers a useful insight into one HLTA’s new set of responsibilities and daily routine.

Ruth McFetridge, one of two HLTAs at Wilberfoss Primary School, gives a personal account of the changes she has experienced since gaining the status and how she feels her role has developed.

In class we see Ruth leading group work, working one to one and with the whole class. Outside the class we see Ruth involved in lesson and medium-term planning meetings.

How does she find this new level of responsibility and is the workload outweighing her enjoyment of working with the class unsupervised?

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