Hi Tech Transition

How two schools use ICT to ease pupils’ transition to secondary This programme shows how two schools use ICT to take the trauma out of transition. Painsley Catholic College in Staffordshire uses video conferencing to ease primary pupils into the big school. It means the Year 7 intake can be brought onto site and given the same lesson by the same teacher across five different classrooms. The aim is to extend the video link into the primaries themselves to give them a greater taste of secondary education. The different ICT skill levels in primaries can then be tackled without the secondary teacher making several visits.

Transition terrors were even greater at the King Edward VII High School in Melton Mowbray. It has 2,000 pupils but a Year 7 intake of 100. The school has created a centre for lower years with its own dedicated wireless network. It provides easy access to a website and portal dedicated to Year 7. Pupils visit for two days but are encouraged to log onto the portal from home for virtual tours of the classrooms and curriculum.

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