Head Start – Part 3

A LEA review creates tough decisions for primary headteacher Wanda Noakes Wanda Noakes has started her second term as headteacher at Daubeney Primary School and Hackney Learning Trust arrive to complete a thorough review of teaching and learning. Every member of staff has their lessons observed and the senior management team has their performance reviewed.

The results are not good. A tough set of targets are set for Wanda and some critical decisions have to be made about people’s jobs. With the pressure mounting on Wanda to raise the school’s standards she has some crucial decisions to take.

Just before Easter both her long-serving deputies agree to leave the school. We hear about this decision from both Wanda’s perspective and from one of her deputies who is coming to terms with the end of her 30-year career at Daubeney Primary.

Alongside this, school life has to continue. Wanda’s plans for the Early Years involve more building works, and half way through the term her support staff join the nationwide Unison strike for pensions.

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