Head Start – Part 1

A video diary of a primary headteacher’s first six weeks on the job Wanda Noakes is the first new headteacher to be appointed to Daubeney Primary in Hackney, north London, for more than 20 years. With over 500 pupils to look after and a staff of 70 to manage the challenge is daunting.

Four weeks into her role Wanda decides to keep a video diary and after 6 weeks she assesses how she is doing and reflects on her management style. Wanda is passionate about inclusion, the positive benefits of the performing arts and the need to develop close contact with parents. She is coping well but finds leadership and managing change challenging. There’s an urgent need to repair some buildings and already she has ambitious plans for developing the school grounds. Most of her staff are positive and supportive of the changes she is introducing. However Wanda’s two deputies know that some are wary and anxious about how her new ideas will affect them.

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