See if this primary science teacher still rates as ‘outstanding’ We revisit primary teacher Halima Hussain to find out how well her teaching is progressing and to see if she can deliver an outstanding science lesson this time around.

In February 2008 we challenged primary teacher Halima Hussain, who was then in her third year of teaching, to go from being ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ in her science lessons. Top inspector Clare Gillies observed her teaching and suggested areas for improvement. She then received bespoke CPD support in her subject area and some communications coaching, plus a few weeks to put all this advice into practice before Clare returned to see if she had made it. Clare’s verdict then was that Halima had delivered an ‘outstanding’ lesson. Now, two years on, the Inspector is back to see if she has been able to sustain her achievements over time. Will Clare rate her lesson ‘outstanding’ once again?

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