Guided Reading: Making it Active

Engaging guided reading activities for EYFS and KS1 pupils These lively innovative Guided Reading sessions involve revisiting two well-loved texts.

At Gade Valley Primary, Herts, reception teacher Jenny Berry begins by encouraging the children to look at the book cover. She then reads a lively story about a frog who meets a wide range of animals. The children are helped to sequence this familiar story, joining in at key points using speech bubble prompts and relevant puppets. These puppets are then placed around the school garden and pupils are expected to retell the story sequentially at each puppet station.

At Princess May School in Hackney Class 2 teacher Joy George is re-introducing her guided reading group to Little Red Riding Hood. Having focussed on the plot sequencing, she moves the children onto matching physical attributes to the right story characters. They then look at punctuation and the decoding tricky words. Finally Joy gives a tip about the ideal size of a guided reading group.

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