Governor Training

Three new governors test out different induction techniques The National Governors’ Association is lobbying for the introduction of compulsory induction training for new governors. In the light of this, three new governors review different types of induction training which are currently available.

Annette Fisher tries a paper-based course, ‘First Certificate in Governance’, Nonye Chidomere works through ‘Modern Governor’, a new e-learning course, and Steve Pike attends a local authority training course. Annette and Nonye find their courses to be useful introductions which take only an hour or so to complete. But they recognise that they aren’t substitutes for the in-depth, face-to-face local authority training to which Steve devotes two evenings.

Judith Bennett, chair of the National Governors’ Association, adds her comments on the different courses and reiterates the point that, in order to be effective as a governor and to have confidence in the role, induction training is essential.

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