Girls Bullying

How to identify bullying and implement anti-bullying strategies The bullying of girls by other girls can sometimes be dismissed as verbal spats. However experts such as psychologist Val Besag and Kidscape’s CEO Michelle Elliot, who feature in this programme, are clear that it can be a major blight on the health and happiness of girls and needs to treated seriously by schools.

Because girls can be more subtle bullies than boys, using exclusion and verbal weapons rather than fists and fights, their actions can be more difficult to spot and change. Experts and practitioners offer helpful tips for spotting bullying amongst girls, and early intervention techniques. The programme shows peer-mentoring in action at both primary and secondary level, looks at a creative drama workshop which helps girls explore what to do when faced with bullying incidents in the classroom or playground, and we see how one school is using learning mentors to run anti-bullying sessions to forewarn and forearm girls against the actions of bullies.

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