Gifted and Talented – History – Causal Reasoning: A Model

Introducing causal reasoning to a mixed ability Year 9 class Was it really the straw that broke the camel’s back? And why do things happen the way they do in history? Is history just ‘one damned thing after another’? Causal reasoning is a key skill in history and an area where all pupils, including the most able, need to be stretched. This amusing model, built around a non-historical content story, helps all pupils develop the vocabulary, language and thought processes to get to grips with causation, in preparation for use in a history topic. It is especially helpful in stretching more able pupils’ higher order thinking.

Building on the work of NAGTY History consultant Arthur Chapman, James Woodcock, Head of History at Cottenham Village College, presents the sad and tragic tale Alphonse the Camel to his mixed ability Year 9 class, challenging the idea of causation as a simplistic linear chain of events.

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