Generation Y: Young School Leaders

How digital media is working in schools for students and staff What is the impact of Generation Y – those born into the internet age – on school leadership? How should schools incorporate their digital native, web 2.0 students and young teachers as leaders?

Professor David Hargreaves, the architect of the ‘System Redesign’ approach to transforming schools, explains how and why schools need to adapt their leadership for Generation Y. We talk to headteachers who are changing their management structures to reflect the less hierarchical preferences of Gen Y, and see some exciting ways that young teachers have incorporated YouTube and web 2.0 into their lessons, including listening in to a sociology class at Swanlea School in Tower Hamlets and an English and media class at Connaught School in Waltham Forest. Plus we visit Ringwood School in Hampshire and Dunraven and Bethnal Green School in London who are developing new ways to engage their Generation Y students as leaders.

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