Geldof on School Leadership – Bob Geldof on Schools Leadership

Sir Bob talks about why he believes headteachers are so important An exclusive interview with Live 8 campaigner Sir Bob Geldof on school leadership.

Sir Bob Geldof has a lot of time for headteachers. ‘It is conceivably the most important job in the state, without question. And Ive seen, with my children, how a great headmaster/mistress can absolutely illuminate their lives’, he says.

But it’s time the Government stood back and let them get on with the job. ‘Let these people, who have gone through exams, who have not been found wanting in this important task – let them breathe. Let them go on with it and in turn, let our children blossom.’

Sir Bob also reveals his own take on headship: ‘Turn off the emails. Just put the new regulation in the bin – dont bother opening it,’ he urges.

‘Think and reflect and posit where it is you want to go. Then gather everyone around you and ensure you can articulate this stated goal and garner enthusiasm collectively towards that. And you can possibly create a school.’

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