GCSE Geography: Population, Employment and Ecosystems

Four innovative ideas to help with planning KS4 geography lessons Four imaginative great lesson ideas linked to GCSE geography topics.
Mal Burden demonstrates two ideas for teaching population. One idea involves using jelly babies to demonstrate population structure and changes. His second lesson idea is aimed at helping students understand the reasons behind migration by getting them to move round the class in response to changing conditions.

Maria Larkin demonstrates a great lesson idea for helping students to get to grips with the idea of ‘different groups in society’. Maria shows how role play can help get students to think about who these different groups might be.

Graham Goldup demonstrates the benefits of using a kinaesthetic learning activity when teaching the GCSE Unit Climate, Ecosystems and People. Groups of students are given the task of working out characteristics of animals and plants in different ecosystems and then use modelling clay to make models and explain what they’ve done and why.

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