From Farm to Fork

Three outside-classroom KS3/KS4 lesson ideas on food technology Three great lesson ideas show us how they inspire students about food, get their hands dirty in the allotment, learn real kitchen skills with the school’s cook and understand large-scale food production by visiting their local farm. The school gets all its meat from their local organic film, and makes sure that every child gets the opportunity to see where this meat comes from. Onsite at the farm they have a butcher and cow and sheep sheds, so plenty to take the uninitiated by surprise.

Back at school, James Spriggs the Inclusion Manager has been developing an allotment and is planning the next planting. We’ll see the students as they make raised beds, and plant out this season’s crop. And finally we see the school’s cook lead a cooking class, inspired by Jamie Oliver’s pass-it-on approach she teaches the students how to make paella and asks them to share the idea with their families.
These are all fun, cheap, local ideas that any school could try.

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