Formative Assessment and Personalised Learning – Secondary

Pupils at John Cabot CTC are put in charge of their own learning John Cabot CTC in Bristol is taking bold steps in making its students responsible for their own learning.
In Year 7, students follow a ‘competency curriculum’ aimed at developing cross-curricular skills that will make them effective learners throughout the rest of their school careers. In this programme we follow two teams of Year 7 students as they tackle different group design projects.

A computer programme designed by teaching staff allows students to self-evaluate their own understanding of different curriculum areas. This information is immediately available to teachers, helping them to be more responsive to students’ needs in their teaching.
Regular mentoring sessions help students to identify weak points in their academic performance. In Year 8, traditional homework has been replaced by a choice of longer term projects that allow students to use their creative skills to present their work.
These initiatives and more are empowering students in their own learning.

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