Extended Schools – Penryn College

A look at the initiatives on offer at one school in Cornwall As the final bell of the school day sounds at Penryn College in Cornwall, it signals the end of one part of the school day but the beginning of the next. Students here can take advantage of the wealth of after-school activity, in the college and in Penryn’s extended schools network. The college offers a range of activities that goes well beyond sports and music. Activas is a programme that has been developed in co-operation with social services and the police, and is targeted at students who are at risk of exclusion. Through its leadership programme, in which the college’s students work with children in local primary schools, Penryn has successfully made the link between the curriculum and after-school activity. The government expects all schools to provide some sort of extended service by 2010. At Penryn College, there are some truly inspirational examples.

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