Every Child Matters

Two different schools’ approaches to Every Child Matters In response to the Victoria Climbie case and inquiry, the Government produced the Every Child Matters (ECM) Green Paper and the Children Act 2004 legislation.

The impact of this legislation on schools is all-encompassing, driving schools to work in multi-agency teams and become fully-inclusive.

This programme takes an honest look at the legislation and the broader ECM agenda, exploring what they mean for schools in practice and investigating the challenges schools now face in terms of communication, workload, standards and league tables.

Discover how two inner-city secondary schools have chosen to implement their own approach to ECM.

Mayfield School and College is just beginning to introduce ECM. George Green’s School pre-empted the ECM agenda having already adopted a fully embedded multi-agency approach with an on-site full-time social-worker, police officer and school counsellor.

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