Equality and Diversity

Two secondary schools show differing approaches to STEM careers Year 8 girls from Witton Park High School are taking part in ‘Girls Allowed into Engineering’, a workshop hosted by Training 2000.
The day aims to show the students alternatives to gender-stereotyped jobs. The girls are asked to consider traditional jobs and high-paid STEM related jobs and also take part in team-building activity. The second part of the session takes place in an engineering workshop and the girls have the opportunity to build a working clock, aided by young female apprentices.

At Pleckgate High School they are using a more general approach and are trying to raise the aspirations of students who wouldn’t usually engage with STEM. The school is visited by the Institute of Physics ‘Lab in a Lorry’, an interactive mobile laboratory, staffed by practising scientists and engineers. Small groups of students take part in the onboard experiments, which are designed to be accessible to all learners and introduce them to new aspects of STEM.

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