Emma Penzer

Jo Owen helps Emma Penzer determine if she is ready for headship In this programme, Jo Owen visits an experienced deputy head to find out if she has the skills and the motivation to take on headship.
Emma Penzer, Deputy Head of Woodberry Down Community Primary School in Hackney, London, is already working to capacity. Concerned about her work/life balance she is wary of taking on the added workload and responsibility that headship would bring.
For inspiration, Jo sends Emma to spend a day with a charismatic leader. Award-winning architect Angela Brady has been running her successful business for 20 years whilst balancing the demands of children and home life.
Will a day spent with Angela prompt Emma to reconsider her journey to headship?
To find out, Jo brings Emma before a carefully selected panel of education experts chosen from governing bodies, industry recruitment and outstanding schools.
After cross examination, they ultimately decide if she has the skill as well as the will to make it to the top job in education.

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