Effective Inclusion – Bringing Special School Experience into the Mainstream Classroom

An NQT makes use of new skills learnt in a SEN school Through the University of Hertfordshire, Mo Serby an NQT went to a special school for children with moderate learning difficulties during her 2nd training year. Now she has brought many of these theories into her mainstream classroom at Sarratt primary School. Mo demonstrates how Inclusion, for her means allowing all children to do everything instead of separating them off into different lessons. She has thought carefully about including all children. She uses a picture timetable up on her board so all children can see what is happening during the day. She uses lollipop sticks pulled out of a tub to choose children for tasks. This ensures fairness, a concept those with mild autism can understand. She differentiates resources to address all levels of ability. She uses her Teaching Assistant to support her in working with different resources so that the lower and higher level children are all catered for. In this art lesson she demonstrates how this works.

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