Effective Inclusion – Additional Training for TAs

A TA proves to be a valuable resource in teaching SEN children In this film, experienced teaching assistant Carol Cato has worked closely with a year 5 teacher to bring the lesson ?Diamond Ranking? into the classroom. This is a lesson she learnt while doing a Foundation Degree. It tests children?s thinking and learning skills by having them discuss and prioritize a series of statements. In this exercise Carol works closely with children who need extra support by scaffolding the task and giving them individual attention. It?s useful in extending all children?s thinking, but especially helps those who have greater difficulty. By doing the degree and learning about the theories behind her practice this has given Carol greater confidence to support teachers in working with children who have special needs. With her broader knowledge of educational theory on Inclusion, Carol has now become a key resource in the school for other teachers
when it comes to children with specific difficulties such as autism.

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