Education for All – Halfway There?

Discover what’s being done to ensure Education for All by 2015 At the start of the new millennium, the international community agreed there must be Education for All by 2015 – this programme looks at the impact this drive has already had as we pass the halfway point to the target. We see how physical and cultural barriers are being overcome to deliver education even in the remotest and poorest communities in the world including the children of nomads in the Himalayas and young cattle raiders in Uganda. The programme also visits Senegal to witness efforts to help girls who are forced to work rather than learn. Despite this progress, there are still estimated to be over 70 million children out of school and 744 million adults who cannot read and write. At the end of 2007, nations from around the globe gathered again to assess what needs to be done next. We follow the conference and discover whether there is enough political will and sufficient development funds to ensure that Education for All does eventually becomes a reality, not just a slogan.

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