Ed the Con

A school commemorates the birth of Edward the Confessor Edward the Confessor was born in Islip in 1005 on the site of the Red Lion car park and 2005 was a year of festivities for the local community.

Dr South’s Primary School started planning celebrations two years ago, at first imagining a small pageant. Two years on and the numerous events have involved teachers, pupils, parents and the village community.

A replica of the Bayeux Tapestry came to the village and the highlight of the festival was a ‘Regia Anglorum’ re-enactment group who were booked to establish a Saxon encampment in the village. 120 Saxons took part in battles, falconry, archery and the burning of a Viking longboat, bringing to life this piece of history.

The programme is a portrait of what a few dedicated people can do and it shows how much children learn and remember from hands-on experience.

Dr South’s School underwent an Ofsted inspection during the run up to celebrations and was commended for its strong links with the community.

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