Bayley helps an NQT manage the behaviour of her Year 9 class At Chiswick Community School in west London, newly qualified languages teacher Jemima Riley has continuing problems with her mixed-ability Year 9 group.

Despite Jemima’s tireless attempts to quieten her pupils down and focus them on learning, each lesson becomes a constant and frustrating battle to create order, control disruptive behaviour and manage a number of easily distracted boys.

In the programme, teaching consultant John Bayley films Jemima teaching the class and in reviewing the footage, encourages her to adopt a more positive attitude to pupils, being more generous with praise as a strategic device, particularly for getting the boys on-side. Jemima is also encouraged to modulate her voice more and make her whiteboard presentations easier to read.

Later in the programme she puts some of Bayley’s advice into practice and finds teaching her Year 9 class a positive and rewarding experience.

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