Early Years – Daily Routines

Advisors demonstrate techniques to develop independence Early Years advisors Sue Durant and Sheila Sage have a passion for developing strategies for ‘fun-centred’ learning.

In this programme, they look at daily routines in an Early Years setting and explore how everyday tasks can be used to develop young children’s independence and imagination.

The programme takes a fresh look at some familiar routines across a typical day, from hanging up coats and self-registration to visiting the toilet. The programme looks at the value of children choosing and directing their own activities as well as practitioners organising learning opportunities for them.

Sue and Sheila also examine how to use and vary the physical space in the setting. They provide thinking space for children and time for them to respond and learn at their own pace.

‘Daily Routines’ ends with the example of the ‘anticipation box’, a way of enabling children to become emotionally involved in their learning.

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