EAL – Lost in Translation Part 2

How have two EAL learners coped in a rural primary school? Twelve weeks into the summer term Filipino girls Ruth and Beverly are settling in well at their Shropshire primary school. They moved to England from the Philippines at Easter. The Head has negotiated an EAL support teacher for an hour a week for both girls for just six weeks. They enjoy these sessions and her liaison with their class teachers proves invaluable in progressing their learning. Beverly now chats confidently and her reading has leapt ahead. Ruth has been given opportunities to mix with the Y6 children she will be at secondary school with, as well as having an established group of Y5 friends. Her optional SATs results indicate good progress and with her teacher’s help she has a website and can chat to friends and family back in the Philippines. The Head and staff now have a strong relationship with the girls’ families. In fact a mum and a brother brave the rain to support sports day! The programme ends with them all reflecting on the term’s experience.

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