D&T: Ownership of Learning

Bayley helps secondary teachers peer observe and engage students D&T teacher Sheila Vekria’s mixed ability Year 9 class enjoy their hands-on graphics lessons but when it comes to the theory she worries that they find it boring. Using peer observation, John Bayley, Sheila and English AST Sophie Halaka work together to come up with a fresh approach.

Sophie offers some tips as she watches the class work on a new topic designing flow charts. She suggests a longer discussion on the objectives to give the girls a greater sense of ownership of their learning and the inclusion of humorous examples to inject a sense of fun into the lesson.
Unlike Sheila who puts her students into mixed ability groups, Sophie has chosen to group her class into similar abilities. After a lively discussion Sheila resolves to try ‘setting’ groups during her theory lessons to boost the confidence of the less able students and encourage their contribution.

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