Discussion Programme: Behaviour

Discussing different approaches to tackling behaviour management This programme uses discussion to analyse many of the issues raised in the preceding three programmes. Those participating are Eileen Ross, headteacher of Herbert Morrison Primary School in south London, Nicky Rosewell, headteacher of Grange Middle School in Harrow, Professor Andy Miller, who trains educational psychologists at Nottingham University, and Giles Barrow, an educational consultant and independent trainer.

The programme reflects on the preceding programmes, Transactional Analyses, an approach based on developing children’s emotional literacy, Challenging Children, where an assertive discipline style system of happy and sad faces is employed, and Head to Head, in which Ross and Roswell take a critical look inside each other’s schools.

The programme looks at the challenges of behaviour management policy in primary schools, and the role of extrinsic versus intrinsic rewards, and discusses how to achieve long-term improvements in children’s behaviour.

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