Disability Equality – Dealing with Bullying

Tackling the problem of pupils with disabilities being bullied Any pupil could be picked on by a bully but the chances of being targeted are much greater for those with disabilities. According to a survey conducted by the charity Whizkidz half of all disabled pupils said they had been bullied in school. This programme looks at the anti-bulling polices at Ipsley Middle School in Redditch which has been commended by Whizkidz. The school has developed drop in lunchtime, drop-in sessions for pupils who want to talk to one of their peers while those at extra risk of bullying are assigned mentors. However, according to the school, tackling bullying can only be effective by building a culture of equality and ensuring no-one is looked upon as different. The programme is part of a series that looks at the requirements of the disability equality law in schools.

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